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Free Webinar | April 14: Ride the Wave: Retaining Online Shoppers When Lockdowns Lift

Join our panel of experts experts as they explore tactics to stay engaged with newly acquired customers.

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When widespread lockdowns went into effect, online shopping quickly went from a convenience to a lifeline. COVID-19 accelerated the eCommerce explosion, but as more Americans get vaccinated and stay-at-home orders are lifted, will online-first shopping remain the norm?

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Meet the speakers:

This panel will explore tactics to stay engaged with newly acquired customers, including:

  • Benefits > : When shopping safety is no longer an issue, help customers find new reasons to fall in love with online ordering
  • Subscriptions: Increasing adoption to increase MRR
  • Loyalty programs: Incentives that keep customers coming back
  • Retention-focused promotions: Short-term vs. long term strategies like “Buy Now, Save Later”
  • How to synchronize marketing channels like email + SMS for a ‘coordinated attack’
  • Coordinating online + offline efforts if you have a component. Example: curbside pickup.
  • And more

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